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Walgreens Store Pickup Complete Guide

Walgreens Store Pickup Complete Guide

First, we are glad to say that Walgreens has introduced Store Pickup or Order Pickup.

After placing the order at the Walgreens Pharmacy store and picking up the order, you have a chance to enter into the $3000 customer satisfaction Sweepstakes at the Walgreenslisten’s survey website.

Walgreens is one of the most promising and leading pharmaceutical companies in the US. They have a special place for customers, and they make sure that the customers are never disappointed.

Walgreens has a lot of services that make it even more impressive and unique. This pharmaceutical company has offered different services to different people and significantly gained their trust. Walgreens care for the different age category of customers they deal with often.

One of the best features of Walgreens is the online shopping website or the Walgreens app that they have created for the customers to order their medicines and prescriptions from anywhere and get them in the store.

Walgreens Store Pickup

The store pickup feature is designed by Walgreens so that the people who are often busy with work can order their meds and essentials from anywhere in no time.

Walgreens will get the order ready in around 30 minutes or less and send you a notification. Then, drive to the store and get your essentials in no time. That’s how simple it is.

Pickup in 30 minutes

If you want to know more about the Store Pickup feature and an effective way to use it, keep reading and know more about it and its benefits.

Note: Keep in mind that this feature isn’t available for all the items on the online website. So, order all of your items and check whether the store pickup option is there or not. If it is there, tick the checkbox and proceed with the order. And if not, then it means that it can’t be packaged within 30 minutes.

Benefits Of Using The Feature

As you know, the Store Pickup tool in Walgreens is relatively easy to use and fantastic. But some people might not know how beneficial it is.

Therefore, here is the list of the Store Pickup Feature pros to know more about the tool and its benefits.

  • It doesn’t cost you anything extra to use this feature.
  • It saves you time. Your items get ready within 30 minutes of ordering them.
  • You can get your order from any nearby Walgreens store or drive-thru without hassle.
  • It’s pretty helpful for the people who are too busy with their jobs and don’t have time to order their essentials.
  • There’s no limit to the number of things you can buy (Note- If your order is lengthy, it might take more than 30 minutes to get the product ready).
  • You can get your order from the Walgreens store you selected to pick it up from (Note- Remember when I say “whenever,” I don’t mean anytime you want to get it. Instead, I mean whenever you have time to go and whenever the store or drive-thru is open. So make sure to look into the timings of opening and closing properly while you order for the item.”
  • If you’re too busy to get your order, you must tick the “Alternate Pickup Person” checkbox. This will help you get someone else to take the order on your behalf.

How To Use Walgreens Store Pickup Feature?

how to use the feature

Now that you know why the Store Pickup Feature is so beneficial, you can use this option and get your order faster than ever. In addition, the process of using this feature is relatively straightforward.

Thus, here are the steps to use the Store Pickup Feature without any hassle-

  • Firstly, choose your store and shop for the products on the Walgreens app or the website.
  • You’ll have to choose whether you want to go to the store and pick it up or to the drive-thru to pick up your things.
  • The following steps are pretty easy to understand. You’ll have to wait for your order to get ready.
  • When it gets ready, a notification will arrive on your phone through text or email.
  • Then, after you reach the store or the drive-thru, reply with “I am here,” and one of the staff will get you your purchased items.

For more details on Walgreens store pickup, visit this page –


That’s all about the Walgreens Store Pickup feature. If you want to use this feature, download the Walgreens app or go to the Walgreens website and register yourself.

Order your essentials and check whether you get the Store Pickup option. If you do, select the option and take the rest of the steps. Then, please wait for your order and get it as soon as possible.

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