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Walgreens Promotion Terms

Walgreens Promotion Terms

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Walgreens is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the US, with a tag for being trusted and helpful to the customers they provide their products to. Working in the medical field for ages, Walgreens cares for its customers and tends to make its services effective and reliable for their customers.

Walgreens also has an online website and app for people who want to take orders from the comfort of their homes. This helps them get several Walgreens products and medicines that make them feel at ease.

Not only that, but shopping from the Walgreens website or app is quite beneficial for people who want to save money and get amazing offers and deals on their products.

Thus, the Walgreens online website has many excellent promotional terms that help the customers get their items on a pocket-friendly budget.

Once you use the offers and deals from this page, make sure you participate in the customer Sweepstakes program by Walgreens. To do that, you have to take the feedback survey at Walgreenslistens.

For more details,

Walgreens Promotion Terms – Win Offers

Walgreens promotion terms

Some of the promotion terms are as follows,

  • Coupon Offers – There are several instances where coupons are given to the customers for the usage of their purchases.
  • 20% off on contact lenses – If you use the code DEAL20 before December 31st, 2021, then you can get a 20% discount on your contact lenses. Remember that no other offer can be combined with this one.
  • Flu Vaccination – Protect yourself against Flu by getting the vaccination. This will ensure that the disease doesn’t spread to the people around you.
  • A gift – If you spend $25 or more on YourGoodSkin products, you’ll get a gift at no extra cost. The gift will be added to your shopping cart as soon as your threshold of $25 is passed. Remember that the offer is limited to one gift per transaction, per household.
  • Buy one get one free – This offer is available to certain selected products from the online website or app. The offer is available for the less pricey products.
  • Pickup Feature – If you order your items through Walgreens’s pickup feature, you can get them in 30 minutes or less. Make sure that the store is 24/7 open, or else make your order at least one hour before closing.
  • Vaccines – If you want to get vaccinated for any disease, you can visit a Walgreens store and get a vaccine shot. Remember that whether or not you get the vaccine is also based on the availability of the vaccine and your medical history.
  • $5 off on $15 school items – Using the code 5SCHOOL, you can save $5 on any back-to-school item worth $15.
  • Same-day delivery free of cost – If you make an order of items worth $40 or above, your product will get delivered on the same day for no extra cost.
  • 30% off on No7 beauty – A few selected No7 beauty products will be available for a 30% discount.
  • 20% off on health and wellness items – If you order any health and wellness items and use the code HEALTH20, you’ll get 20% off on the products you buy.
  • 10% off on Hasbro toys – You can get a 10% off on a few selected Hasbro toys with the code TOYS10.
  • $5 off on cosmetics worth $20 or more – Save $5 on cosmetics worth $20 or more with the code GLAM5. Ensure that the discount can only be redeemed when your order is placed for the Walgreens Pickup feature.
  • $3 off on $10 Revlon products – If you use the code REVLON3 while ordering Revlon products worth $10, you’ll get $3 off on your order.


These are some of the promotion terms that are available on the Walgreens website. There are many more promotion terms and special offers on your favorite brand. So, hurry and check out the other promotion terms and special offers on the website.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section. And if not, then go ahead and check out the Walgreens website and the different offers they are providing on it.

You’ll be amazed to see many great deals well-suited for your interest.

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